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Would you like to see your business or side hustle featured on The List ? 

The good news is  . . .  you can !  As we build and establish our brand, we're offering this opportunity to local businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs for free !!  Join us and help your brand be discovered, make it easy for our community and your future customers to discover, explore and connect with you and your brand.

Enquire now via email or the contact form (on the contact us page) about a complimentary term membership for your business.  This offer is open for a limited time with limited spaces available in each category, the potential for your business however, well we believe that's unlimited. 


And of course, you get to join a community of like minded entrepreneurial women that will be alongside you for your business journey.  #theCollectivegang  

Here comes the mandatory fine print  . . .  This opportunity is only open to female owned small business, creatives and entrepreneurs on the Central Coast of NSW.  To qualify, the business must be solely owned by a female or in the instance of partnerships, the business must be owned at least 50% by a female.  Preference is given to businesses with an active Instagram account.  This offer is not extended to national brand franchises or party plan businesses as you have the support of your parent company.  Limited opportunities are available, so connect with us now.

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