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CONNECT | About Us

Central Coast Collective was established to bring together like minded women, female business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs from around the Central Coast of NSW.  It's a place for us all to share the joy, the burden, the highs and the lows of our careers, our business and life in general.

But more than that, Central Coast Collective was also established to give small business, entrepreneurs, side hustlers a platform to be discovered by our community and their future customers.  It's a place to discover, explore and connect with the amazing Central Coast Collective girl bosses.

Agata Rynkiewicz


A little bit about me, well I have a background in marketing, property management (shopping centres), styling, event management and now we can add renovation to the list.  I've run my own business, multiple!, and currently I manage a large shopping centre (around 300 retailers) in Sydney. 


My side hustle is Style Creation.  This is where I get to pursue my passion for fashion styling by working on magazine editorials, more recently expanding this to house renovations, home styling and staging.  And of course there's my passion project (passion hustle!) Central Coast Collective. 

Moving to the Central Coast in 2009 I looked for like minded entrepreneurial souls to connect with, and noticed a need for something new, something different and something unique to celebrate and help promote local women, female owned business, creatives and entrepreneurs from around the Central Coast of NSW.  And so, a new social enterprise called Central Coast Collective was born.

Most of all, I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I love life, take risks and chase dreams . . . because well, yolo . . . which is what has led me here, exactly where i'm meant to be.  xAgata

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