They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, well we couldn't agree more.  But when the publicity is good, heck even great, well then seeing it makes it even sweeter.

Imagine our surprise when we hear our friends over at SeaFM write an article, "5 Coastie Instagramm...

Christine Allen hails as the brains behind and editor of Coastal Chic.  This entrepreneurial women saw a gap in the Central Coast tourism and lifestyle market, and created a niche website that covets and screams loud all the goods things about and located in the sunny...

Some four plus months ago I had a dream, and on Friday 4 November 2016 that dream came to life as we celebrated the official launch of the Central Coast Collective together.

The dream was simple enough, engage with my local community and meet inspirational  entrepreneur...

Finally!!  Right?!  I'm super excited to launch the Central Coast Collective website for all of you to explore and share.

For those of you that already follow us on Instagram you'll know exactly what we're about, 

but for those that are yet to check us out...

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