Carley Rose The Label is an emerging fashion brand with a focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing and production.  


Carley Rose is the designer behind the brand and her passion for this kind of approach comes from a love of the earth and sea and all the living plants and creatures living within them.

The idea for the brand sprang from a realisation of the dire conditions of the current fashion industry and a desire to create a different, better choice for consumers.  Carley Rose The Label fashion has a bohemian vibe and is comfortable, laid back and unique.

Our Services

  • Gorgeous off the rack day wear designs (ready to wear)

  • Evening wear, couture and made to order on request

  • Hand made homewares and accessories at market style events

  • Online store available soon !

Behind the Brand​

Carley Rose, fashion designer.  I love working with any type of medium that I can be creative with, from waiting and drawing to knitting, felting, beading and embroidery, I've tried almost everything.  Fashion is the one thing that I've loved from the start, thanks to my nanna who would let me play with her fabric scraps while she quilted away on her sewing machine.  I began borrowing her mannequin for extended periods of time, leading me to realise that you didn't actually have to wear just the clothes they sold in the stores ... you could actually make your own clothes and wear those instead!  This seems to open up a whole new world of possibilities for me and I started wearing my own creations.

I became interested in jewellery making when I was about 10 and I would make things for friends and family.  I discovered Easy in 2010 and began my journey of entrepreneurship.  The feeling I got from my first sale was unforgettable ... someone actually wanted to pay me money for something i'd made with my own two hands?  At 17years of age, where I was making $15 an hour selling pizza, this was unbelievable.

After school I decided to follow my dream and studied fashion design at Raffles College in Sydney.  I have recently graduated and my dream is to use my skills and education to create a fully sustainable and ethical fashion label that sells not to the masses but to a small group of women (and possibly one day men too) who care about his beautiful planet we live on.  I have a deep passion for looking after our environment, both on land and in the sea.  At home I strive to live green on a budget.  I want this passion to combine with my love for unique fashion and style to create a wearable brand that is earth conscious.


P : 0402 913 616

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INASTAGRAM : @carleyrosethelabel

FACEBOOK : /carleyrosethelabel

TWITTER : @carleyrose_

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