Jimmy Halfpenny transforms piles of kids creative artwork into one of a kind, custom made, gorgeous, hardcover books.  

We provide a hassle free service and a super easy solution to the common dilemma around 'what to do with all of the children's artwork?!'.  Our gorgeous books are a stunning memo that can be measured, become the centre of conversations, included in snuggle time and be enjoyed with family and friends for a life time.

Our Services

  • A hassle free, super easy, complete door to door service

  • All postal materials are provided in our Jimmy Halfpenny starter kit

  • We digitise all of the artwork using high tech scanners and professional photography to bring the artwork to life

  • All books feature quality silk paper, staple binding with a metal spine and use the latest technology for brilliant colour replication and enhancement

  • 100% Australian made

  • Environmentally friendly production

Behind the Brand​

My name is Kate Boadu and I am the woman behind the man that is, Jimmy Halfpenny.  A fun fact, Jimmy Halfpenny was actually the name of my imaginary friend as a child!  


I am a straight shooter, passionate and fiercely independent soul.  I love deeply, I work hard and I am so grateful for the sisterhood and the community that unifies women once we become 'GirlBosses'!  I'm so passionate about what we do.  Jimmy Halfpenny is truly a beautifully unique concept in the Australian market and one that I am so deeply proud to have creatively conceptualised from the very start.

I have an amazing man in my life and three gorgeous multi coloured children - Zahlia aged 10years, Klay 8years and beautiful Ghana who graced us with her delightful, ever happy presence some 2years ago - completing our lively and, for the most part, very loud tribe.


P : 0410 833 901

A : 23 Maitland Road, Springfield

E : kate@jimmyhalfpenny.com.au

W : www.jimmyhalfpenny.com.au

INASTAGRAM : @jimmyhalfpenny

FACEBOOK : /jimmy-halfpenny

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