Hello Bliss is all about supporting open hearted men and women in reaching a healthy and holistic version of themselves.  Guided by Ayurvedic principles, we trust in natural healing rituals surrounding diet, yoga, meditation, essential oils, herbs and a little bit of crystal love, to intuitively allow your body to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Services

  • Ayurvedic wellness consults

  • Essential oil workshops

  • Wholesale essential oils and other herbs

  • Natural wellness advocate

Behind the Brand​

Having recently completed a Diploma in Ayurveda, Kylie Davies, founder and face of Hello Bliss continues to incorporate ancient practices into her life daily.  Growth and healing based on a daily meditation and yoga practice has driven Kylie to enrol in her meditation teacher training in Bryon Bay.  Aromatherapy continues to bring Kylie much joy and ridiculous results on an emotional and cellular level, hence you will find her weekly tuning into her aromatherapy advanced training course. 

Previously, Kylie worked in the fitness and tourism industries as a personal trainer and marketing manager.  Now, after life changing events, trusting her intuition and avoiding external distractions she is creating a life full of purpose.

These things have made a huge difference in reshaping her mind and physical wellbeing.  From the place of peace, Hello Bliss evolved naturally, allowing her to offer, share and support people to do the same.


P : 0451 663 571

E : kylie@hellobliss.com.au

W : www.hellobliss.com.au

INASTAGRAM : @hello_bliss

FACEBOOK : /hello-bliss-2282237848581780

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