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They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, well we couldn't agree more. But when the publicity is good, heck even great, well then seeing it makes it even sweeter.

Imagine our surprise when we hear our friends over at SeaFM write an article, "5 Coastie Instagrammers Who Are KILLING It" and name Central Coast Collective as the number one Central Coast Instagram account to follow #celebrationtime. Very honoured, blessed and excited. Thank you SeaFM.

But let's not make this just about us ... we're excited to share the stage with four other Coastie grammers to watch. So here's the official list according to SeaFM;

1. Central Coast Collective @central_coast_collective

2. Andrew Pap @andrew_pap_

3. The Coastside @thecoastside

4. The Coast Collective @the.coast.collective

5. Coastal Chic @coastalchic_au

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